Trying New Things

I love experiencing new things, whether it’s traveling to a place I’ve never been before, eating at a new restaurant, or just a new hobby. It’s exciting to have some variety in life and to challenge yourself. However, doing something new can also cause anxiety. There are a lot of unknowns — will it work out as planned, will everyone involved have fun, what if something goes wrong, etc. The list of “what ifs” for any given situation can usually stretch miles.

Taking a chance on a new vendor with whom you haven’t worked before can be scary. Most people have one shot to get whatever corporate or medical, interactive or traditional, marketing and advertising project they’re doing right, whether it’s website design and development, video production,  animation, or even eLearning platform development with virtual medical simulations.  Sometimes you just need to have a little faith and take the leap.

At DDA, we make the jump a lot easier. From the beginning we’re honest about what we can and cannot deliver, and our process for every project we undertake is structured in way where the client is given as much control over the project from beginning to end as he or she desires. These factors combined can create near perfect safeguards against any unwanted complications. There’s no “we’ll build it as we want and then present it to you when complete and say ‘tough cookies’ if it’s not what you want.” It’s all about what the client wants, and he or she sees it at each stage throughout development so there are no surprises.

So try something new without the fear of it blowing up in your face with DDA. From search engine marketing (SEM) to digital photography, we have exactly what you need, and we also give you even greater flexibility in reaching out to your target audience with Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services from AppleSavvy