Trying to Find the Right Words

Today there was an email sent out to DDA staffers to try to come up with a tagline that encompasses what we do in five words or less. I sat here staring at a blinking cursor for about five  minutes trying to think of a way to describe us in five words, it was much harder than you would think! With digital services that run the gamet from website design to illustration, animation to virtual reality and everything in between, how can you put into a few words everything that we can accomplish. So I sent a few suggestions over to a copywriter (which included a warning that I am not good at doing this type of thing) and went on with my website optimization.

But my mind is still trying to come up with five words to describe us. With seven divisions that include DDA Medical, DDA Video, DDA Apps, DDA CMT, DDA SEM, DDA USA and DDA Corporate, it will be interesting to see what other staff members come up with as a tagline.