Turning On A Dime

Yesterday was very interesting. The menu called for everything you would need in an ideal barbecue: hamburgers on the grill, corn plucked early the same morning (also on the grill) beans baked all night with molasses and pork, ice cold watermelon, mojitos for the grownups with mint from the garden…

And then there was thunder and lightning and torrential rain. So we had a picnic indoors. Instead of frisbees, there was music and cards and ghost stories (it was really dark by 2pm).

The one thing David and I have learned, and learned well, is how to turn on a dime. It is something we encourage daily in the DDA culture. And it is a necessary ingredient to success in these hard times. Innovation, resiliency, the different areas of our business, Video and Digital Photography, Flash Animation, eLearning Platforms, Virtual Reality, Programming, Custom Website Development, Professional Writing…all these areas melded to create a powerful circle that turns on a dime.

Yes, we reinvent ourselves and in the process, our advertising and marketing company is stronger and better then it was even a year ago. There is nothing we cannot tackle, we are not afraid of risking because together we can solve the problems and issues and produce truly outstanding results.