Two is more than Four

The last couple weeks I started occasional commutes to work on my 1985 Honda V-Four 700-cc Sabre.

I’ve been itching to get it out since I bought it last fall but wouldn’t ride it until all was up to snuff and legit and I had proper body protection. With the exception of the heat and the Sabre running a bit hot, the rides have been great. Come the fall, I think the rides will be divine with the fall foliage, autumnal aroma and cool temperatures.

A few things made me decide on purchasing a motorcycle. Since owning a 1986 Russian Niva Cossack in the UK for a couple years, I’ve enjoyed driving and tinkering with older, (almost) vintage vehicles.

Having an empty garage at our house in Philly, it only seemed appropriate to get something fun to drive and work on. At first I was thinking of an AMC Eagle.

I love their body shape and the flared wheel wells, not to mention they’re 4X4. But with talking to a couple motorcycle owning friends, I became hooked. I figured I could have more fun on the motorcycle, it would be easier and less expensive to work on, more fuel efficient and something different. The only downside is of course, safety.

One huge aspect to safe riding which, needless to say, should be present while operating any kind of machinery is to pay attention. But more-so than in a car, a tiny miscalculation or lapse in attention could be… not good. So, that means when I’m heading to work in the morning and heading home in the evening, my mind needs to be clear of all the interactive websites, medical simulations, iPhone and iPad friendly website conversions, trade-show videos, product videos, healthcare eLearning sites, 3D medical animations and all the other projects being developed at DDA. Luckily, it’s never an issue since we are so good at planning, prioritizing, balancing and executing project.