Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

In the past two days, my fiancé and I have made some progress with our wedding plans. We hired a photographer and a DJ. This is quite a big step as I am not one to make decisions. We also ordered “save the date” magnets. I cannot wait for them to be delivered so I can send them out. I also finished the gifts that I will give the bridal party when I ask each of them to be in our wedding.

Every day I look at our wedding website and try to think of something unique that I could add, within the constraints of the template of course.

This has me stumped, though I will probably add a page of links to all of our vendors. Our vendors are all small family-owned businesses that rely on past business to generate future business and I do not mind spreading the word about them to whomever is interested.

Our wedding website is personal and not something that one would want outside traffic brought to; it is just something for close family and friends. Our vendors, on the other hand, are running a business and want the traffic to their site. So making their information available to others, can only help them.

Our photographer is a husband and wife team, who rely on word of mouth to generate business. They have recently developed a website though it is basic and currently does not have a page rank or any optimization techniques implemented. Our DJ is a family business of four people; father, mother, son, and daughter. Their website has a very low page rank and few optimization techniques but they do have a rather unique program built into their site that allows them to work with their clients and create a music list that will fit the event using their database or music files.

While DDA is much different in the sense that our website is highly search-engine optmized and brings in a lot of traffic, between 100,000 and 200,000 a month, we too are focused on building long-term relationships. Much like those smaller businesses, we want our clients to be more than satisfied with the work we do and spread the word, whether it’s about our video production, programming, animation, illustration, graphic design, or our search engine marketing (SEM) services.

Now on to hiring an officiant, ordering flowers, and selecting bridal party attire…