Typography tribulations and treaties

Designers bless their little cotton socks, love to make web pages look cool, fashionable, and stylish and use their huge array of fonts and skills to create beautiful graphical headlines and titles for Websites.

Then the SEO team gets involved and sparks fly. The problem is that search engine spiders cannot see text in pictures. To define a picture, I mean a graphic on a web page that is a gif, jpg or png.

Therefore if you need a spider to see it, you have to use HTML fonts and this then limits designers to only six fonts that are classified as web-safe fonts. These are Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Trebuchet MS. What that means is that it is safe to assume that these fonts are installed on the website viewer’s computer.

When you are reading a webpage and that page is displaying text in Arial font, what it is in fact doing, is telling the user’s computer to display the text using Arial. The user’s computer then looks into its fonts directory, finds Arail and display the text correctly. If you were to tell it to use a font the user’s computer did not have, it would substitute it and the text would not display as the designer intended.

So is there some middle ground that will stop the war between the Website Designers wants and Search Engine Optimizers wishes?

Well…Yes this “Treaty of Ghent” style, both sides winning compromise does exist but just like the battle of New Orleans, they go on squabbling unbeknownst.
..and this holy grail hybrid of Design and Optimization is called……..

This post concludes tomorrow.