tzai jien (in others words goodbye!)

No, I am not learning to speak Chinese, though with all the pre-coverage of the Olympics it is on my mind. Tomorrow, I may watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics, that is in between cleaning, packing, and assuring that the mode of transportation is fully capable of making the journey to the Jersey shore. Oh! and I still need to find someone to take care of my Tink (seeing as how we will be with my family, they are out). I have Chris’ family to ask but they are not cat lovers like mine so I am hesitant, as I fear they will not spend a little time each day with her. She is very needy and when left alone and ignored she will cause trouble and not eat.

Luckily, I have no worries as I leave DDA. I am tying up all the loose ends that I can. Prior to leaving tonight I will make a list of on-going projects on my plate and make sure that there is someone to keep an eye on them in my absence. So far, I have spent my day writing up invoices for various projects from animated DVDs; to business cards; to custom labels; to website updates. After I finish this blog, I plan to continue build out of a group of new pages for DDA’s Corporate site. So, alas I must get going…