Ultra Exclusive Social Networking

Social networking has become the wave of the future with websites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Individuals and companies alike are taking advantage of these social networking websites to connect with other people and companies that share similar interests and/or beliefs, as well as reconnecting with friends from the past and present.

Just one visit to any of these sites and it is apparent that they are highly trafficked by the average Joe and not the societal elite.That is because just like sporting events, clubs, and any other social gathering place the elite are obtaining their own VIP area, away from the average Joe.

It took quite some time for the elite to begin using the social networking sites that were available to them. But due to privacy issues and the desire to network with like-minded people these high-net-worth individuals have left the mainstream social networking to become a part of the elite social networking.

The demand for a new environment to network has spawned the creation of  ultra-exclusive social networking sites such as aSmallWorld, Diamond Lounge, Squa.re, Quintessentially. Some of these sites are protected by a strict invite-only policy and a iron-clad application process that takes a look at your education, job title, and connections. A few others are more laid back and only require an invite from an existing member.