Understanding your website (Part two)

Check your traffic logs as it is not as boring as it sounds. There are lots of tools out there that create reports from logs that are simple to read and very sortable making it easy to extract the data you really need. Again, the problem here is many companies are just too busy to look at all this valuable information and very uninformed as to what it all means. The classic layman term bandied around is “How many Hits did my site get?” Technically, a hit represents a request to your website for a file, such as an image, a web page, or a CGI script. One web page may contain several related resources, and as a result, a visitor viewing one web page may trigger several hits which means it is not a very good statistic for gauging the traffic on your site.

The two statistics you really want to focus on are Page Views (a page view is a successful request for a file on your web site that is considered to be a page) and Visits (visits represent the total number of times people have visited your web site).

Here at DDA, not only do we provide you with a  plethora of reports, we also provide you with the backup and knowledge to read and understand all the data that is given to you. From explaining terms to formulating solutions and conversion techniques based on report data, let DDA be your website partner and get your website back in the game.