Unique Requirements of the Medical Sector

Out of 21 projects on my task list, about half are medical-related, and they range from website designs to webcasting to logos to business cards to brochures.

Particularly challenging has been a medical webcast design that has morphed many times due to the process requiring the client to adhere to FDA requirements for displaying certain information. The FDA did not supply the needed information until after we started the designs (in order to meet the client deadline), so major adjustments had to be made after the fact. For example, the website containing the webcast needed to be about one-fourth the size originally anticipated! DDA still needed to stay within the client’s budget and meet the deadline, and we reliably did so.

That’s a perfect example of how medical projects can be unique. DDA has worked with medical companies since its inception, and our diverse experience in this area makes us a great choice for any company.