Unknown Territory

Everyone is finally home from their vacations and I have relinquished my duties as house/pet sitter. All went very well last week but I am glad to have my evenings back. To fill my time, I have opted to spruce up my kitchen with a fresh coat of white paint on the ceiling and sage green for the walls.

In the past two days, I feel as though I have not accomplished a great deal. On Sunday, I finished the ceiling and purchased the paint for the walls. Last night, I managed to edge around the cabinets. Tonight, I hope to edge along the ceiling.

While I am not rushing myself, I feel as though this project should have been completed the day it started. I am sure that this feeling is very similar to that of an eager new client with DDA. When you are entering unknown territory you do not always know what to expect or the process that is necessary.

With every project, whether it be website development, print design and production, or video, DDA does our best to convey to our client the timeline that will be required to complete the project at hand. We believe that having this information for our clients prior to moving forward with a project will put both parties on the same page.