Updating my List and Checking it Twice

Last week, I think on Friday, I began to panic about a few things I needed to get done. ‘Tis the season. So, I made a list, which I just found hiding underneath a rather comical drawing of my family from my almost 5-year old.

I took a glance at the list and noticed that all but one thing was completed! What seemed absolutely overwhelming last week became a thing of the past this morning and I really felt as if I accomplished something over the weekend. The holidays are approaching and clients are making some noise and wanting to get projects in various states of completeness before everyone takes a long weekend holiday. It’s a treat when Christmas is on a Friday! So, this morning I reviewed my project list, which is much more complicated and organized than my post-it scribbling from Friday. So far today I uploaded final website updates to a website that sells high-end grout, prepared an html template for a pain practice management website and prepared another html template for an e-newsletter. My next to-do is to begin designs for a DVD Menu design for a well-known window manufacturer. My hopes are that this time on Thursday I will be feeling quite accomplished!