Versions of the Same Story

There seems to be some kind of disconnect between the morning news I watch and the NPR weather. It’s odd to me as both are Philadelphia-based, but somehow they seem to each give me a different weather report. For instance, last week after receiving a report of scattered storms possibly in the early afternoon to late evening from the TV, I heard severe storms with hail throughout the afternoon and evening from the radio. A dramatic difference. Then today, from the TV, I thought they said it would be the most super hottest day ever and it would dip a bit lower the next couple of days, and then the radio tells me near 90 and a heat advisory for tomorrow and the next day. I don’t know. Perhaps I’m not awake enough in the morning to really hear what the news is saying or the air conditioner is too loud.

Similar to my weather dilemma, are all the conflicting reports you could receive when looking for a particular marketing or advertising service. You may hear one thing from one search engine marketing (SEM) firm and then a whole other thing from someone else. Unfortunately, this applies to website design and development, video production, and so much more. Sometimes a particular development company will make things appear a lot easier than they are or complicate them to the point where you don’t which way is up. At DDA, we give it to you straight. It doesn’t matter what you need or what your goals are. We’re up front and honest about everything we offer.

We have full-service capabilities in-house and are adding on everyday, like Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services, so we truly offer a lot. Plus, we’ve been doing this for a really long time. We were one of the first to start offering organic search engine optimization (SEO) way back in 1996, so our techniques have literally evolved with the search engines, continuously improving and advancing to exceed the ever-growing competition for web traffic. Even our animation services have been around for more than a decade and have grown through the years as we’ve advanced and innovated new technologies.

As for the weather, it’s still up in the air who I should trust. I guess I’ll have to keep a track of the weather and what each side predicts and then make a determination. Lucky for you, DDA already has a proven track record of excellence and we’d be happy to share that with you one day.