Very Public

The other morning we awoke at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of the air conditioner. It was beeping out of control in a pattern much like an alarm clock (the worst sound in the world). I looked at my clock and it was out, as was the little red light on the TV, but the air conditioner was still making noises and didn’t stop until I pulled the plug. Curious. Then I flicked on my nightstand light and only a tiny bit of light streamed out; it was like our power was operating at half-capacity. This was followed, not longer after, by a complete loss of electric. Since it was so early, we fell back asleep and when we awoke, everything was fine.

I tried to find out some info to explain all this a bit later, but there were no reports. Then last night our electric cut out for a second or two as we were preparing for bed. To be honest, this all has me a little worried. Sure we’ve had electric problems in the past due to snow and storms, and luckily have never had the misfortune of lost electric for days at a time as some, but the power dying on a perfectly warm day with no obvious turbulent wind or storms is worrisome.

This is just another example of why it’s so important to keep your public notified of all company happenings. Something might seem minuscule to you, but if your target audience has no idea what’s going on, a tiny thing can curtail into panic. DDA’s website design and development, custom programming, and video production services are great ways to reach out to your public and keep them informed. Our social media marketing services allows you to utilize popular social network sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to communicate with key audiences.

It’s not just large corporations that can benefit from these kind of tools. Healthcare and medical companies can use our advanced, innovative  eLearning platforms, virtual medical simulations, and 2D and 3D animations to ensure training and education methods are up to date and more people are aware of procedures and processes. With DDA’s newest division, AppleSavvy, you can spread message even farther by reaching out to iPad and iPhone users through Flash conversion and Apple-friendly development services.

Don’t leave your target audience in the dark, literally or figuratively. Turn to DDA to find the public information tool that best fits your needs.