Video Production Company Philadelphia

DDA is not only a website design company near Philadelphia, but also specializes in a long list of digital services that includes video production. We have an entire website that showcases our video categories and video services. Whether your company needs a corporate spokesperson video, new product launch video or instructional video, DDA can provide casting, editing, filming services for you.

Being part of an interactive video game myself, it is amazing to see how seamless the final product can be when created by DDA. I was also part of the Onlivemation video that DDA created for our medical division, DDA Medical. The combination of a real live person over an animated background looked amazing. Our video studio has grown since my days infront of the camera and our capabilities have expanded as well. With new green screens, a dolly for the camera and more video equipment on the way I’m sure, our videos will continue to amaze and inform. Check out today!