Video Training: Keep Your Employees on the Same Page

With the bog of information in many employee handbooks today with regards to various policies, procedures, and practices, it is very difficult for human resources departments to keep employees at various levels of the corporate ladder on the same page of understanding. If you are one of these employees yourself, from your perspective, it can also be quite a conundrum to claim that you have a complete understanding of everything in one of these extensive handbooks, that is, if you are an employee who has even had time to read one of these veritable dictionaries.

Maintaining a uniform understanding of philosophies and policies among various employees is important if challenges are to be resolved quickly. Ensuring that all parties involved have the same understanding of challenge resolutions is also vital in the corporate world. A singular educational solution which allows for simple access, ease of understandability, low cost, and a minimum of manpower and time involvement is an optimum way to meet this vital element of uniformity.  But what is the key, or rather, singular key to meeting all of these needs?

Has your corporation used short courses, conferences, workshops, all of these? The difficulty with these corporate training methods is that they will use manpower and time, and both of those add up to lost revenue. They can also be inconvenient, and, at times, ineffective as they require all parties in need of education to be available at the same time and able to make it to the same location. In the corporate world, there are times when this simply is not doable. It can spell a scheduling and logistics nightmare for HR departments.

The simplest and most effective solution to bypass these issues is a well-written, designed, narrated, and formatted video. A professionally designed video with a clear message can help maintain a uniform understanding of a policy and leave little room for dubiousness on any given challenge. In addition, because videos do not require live presenters or speakers, videos also eliminate the need for the manpower it takes to present any policies or procedures to a room of employees—not to mention the manpower it takes to train the person who has to stand in front of a room of employees and speak about those policies.  That eliminated training time also equals eliminated cost.

Another benefit is that, since videos can be formatted online, the issue of location becomes nonexistent. Employees can have the option of accessing a video from any remote location with internet access. This means that the time employees spend training also does not have to cut into their regular work hours. This also means that the scheduling and logistical issues for HR departments become nonexistent.

Let the Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Video Service division assist you in bypassing these logistical and cost issues. Our video productions services include scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, filming, editing, special effects, animation, and more. We can combine the right services for you so your message can reach large crowds without the need for scheduling. With narration that delivers a professional demeanor and voice by a talented actor specially selected from our network, stimulating animation and effects to engage your employee’s senses, and a story with a strong message from start to finish, you will be able to send your message about policy or any other HR need in a way that is received and understood uniformly. Please contact us to see what corporate training video services DDA can offer you.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart