Vying for Attention

At home, I have three kids competing for my attention on a daily basis. Their methods of getting my attention aren’t always the greatest. It starts out with a “mom”… which leads to a “Mom, where are you?” … which is quickly followed by a “MOM, I need you!!!!” I drop what I am doing, leap over laundry baskets and toys to find out who hit who, or who broke what. Usually the thing that is so important that they need me at that exact second for is something as silly as “Look at the block tower I built all by myself.”

While working at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I have many websites that are also vying for attention…not so much from me but major search engines. Over the years, I have managed to get my website optimization schedule down to a science (for myself only). I can look at a site and see that it needs alternate text this month or has a press release that needs to be submitted. It is the optimization that is implemented into these sites that become the building blocks in the daily struggle of gaining the attention of Google and attaining the precious #1 slot in a keyword search return.

If it was only as easy as pulling on the pant leg of Google and asking to be listed at the #1 position for a certain keyword…