Waiting to Ripen

These thunderstorms as of late are very welcome as my home vegetable garden could use a really good soaking after this hot summer heat wave. We’ve been able to pick a couple things already but others still have a bit of growing to do before they will be ready for harvest. We’ve picked a couple zucchini, some lettuce,  and picked our first cucumber yesterday. There are a ton of tomatoes growing, but only one of them has started to turn a shade of red. The corn still has some time as it’s not even at full height yet and we are wondering why we don’t have any beans yet. I’m most worried about the cantaloupes. The plant has plenty of flowers but no fruit yet. That’s the one I was most excited to eat out of all of them, but it seems to be really slow going. Well whatever ends up coming out of the garden is going to be good. It tastes better when you grow it yourself, even though it might only be in your head. I just can’t wait to taste some more of the goodies.

The same satisfaction in growing your own food can be found in other types of work. When I finish a project I always like to show it off to friends and family because I made it. Other staffers may make cool things, but it’s not as special to me because I wasn’t involved in the process. As with waiting on vegetables, I will have to wait on various projects that will be finished over time to ripen before I will be able to pick them to show people. As they say though, nothing good comes easy. Here the work comes in the form of custom web design, copywriting, 3D animation, corporate video, digital photography, advanced programming, graphic design, SEM and much more. So let us grow your next project in-house by giving us a call today.