Waking Up is Hard to Do

Last night was a sleepless night to say the least. After getting to bed later than usual due to the packing up of belongings and preparing to move, I laid in bed wide awake unable to fall asleep. Maybe it was the stacks of boxes lining my walls that made me uneasy, maybe it was my son’s foot jammed into my back… whatever the case I couldn’t get to sleep.

I kept checking the clock over and over again, hoping that it would be morning so I could just get up and start my day, but the minutes past so slowly it seemed like time was standing still. I started to think about what was in store for my Tuesday ahead — website optimization techniques that will be implemented, optimization of the new sections of our own website, www.zeroonezero.com, and the dreaded task of deciding what to make for dinner.

I finally started to doze off when I remembered that my daughter lost a tooth and I had to play tooth fairy and leave money under her pillow. Afterwards, I moved my son into his bed, then I snuggled into bed and finally fell asleep. Just to be woken up a half hour later by the sound of my older son’s footsteps sneaking into my bedroom. I returned him to his room, tucked him in, rubbed his head for a while and then got back into my own bed hoping to get a good solid hour of sleep.

That hour and a half felt like five minutes had passed. After hitting the snooze button more times than normal, I dragged myself out of bed and started my day. I tried to perk up while making lunches, packing backpacks and preparing breakfast but it just was not happening. I burnt the toast, put peanut butter on my sons sandwich (he only likes jelly) and almost forgot the water bottles in the freezer.

Finally, by the time our trip to school came, I was awake and ready to get to work at DDA, a search engine marketing company. I have already updated search engine rankings reports, discussed DDA website optimization and checked my schedule of SureThing Optimization Program clients. Now to think of what I have to make for dinner…