Want vs. Need

The struggle of want vs. need is a tricky fight. It should be pretty obvious as to which is which, but your mind can play at making the want feel as if it is need. Inventors such as Tesla, Edison and Marconi started the electrical technology boom and it has continued to expand exponentially. Today there is a huge amount of excess out there, and as we are an insatiably-hungry technology-addicted people, our addiction only fuels the blur between want and need. We are spoiled by the extensive amount of technology at our fingertips, much of it is so ingrained into our daily lives that we become lost without it. Most of our daily work revolves around a computer and all of its capabilities, from scheduling to advertising to education.

But where is the line between want and need? The answer is different for each individual. The degreed staff at DDA can help you define your business lines. We will share details that can help you decide which need is a want and which want is a need, custom designing for each individual. We understand what is needed to create successful search engine optimization, corporate identity design, medical training solutions and medical IT solutions. And we can fill your wish list with interactive games, animated medical graphics, medical education videos, custom medical illustrations, custom web designs, streaming webcasts, virtual medical simulations and on-line CME. And DDA’s new division Apply Savvy™ will make sure that it is all complete with iphone® and ipad® conversions. Isn’t it time to define your lines?