We Are All In This Together

As  business owner, one of the qualities I most admire is the ability to look at situations honestly and figure out what to do and how. One of the worst qualities one can have when working on projects is to create delaying actions without regard to consequences. So when a client comes forward and bluntly says, “I want to pay you but I’m waiting for payment myself, or anticipating an almost sale that will give me funds…” my inclination is to want to extend a hand and say, “DDA will wait patiently another 30 days without consequence to you because we know you will keep your word and pay us, too.”

This does not happen often. Most cases of late payments require phone tag and several emails and general frustration over the silence from the client in question before the check arrives in the mail.  Strangely everyone I talk to says business is okay, it is cash flow that sucks. Welcome to the dragging, lagging economy.

Still, at DDA we forge ahead. We have a crew leaving for a medical webcast in Denver tomorrow, and then a two day catch up stint in the studio and they are off again to Detroit for another cardiology webcast. Meantime, other teams are busy putting the finishing touches on an important healthcare software training program, our graphic designers are busy with print and trade show graphic projects, and upstairs in the writers’ den it is full speed ahead if you listen to the clicking keyboards.

Our belts are still too tight, but we would not be the hard working intrepid bunch that we are,  if we did not also have hope and faith in our arsenal.

“Hope is the thing with feathers / That perches in the soul / and sings the tune without the words / and never stops at all–” Emily Dickinson