We Got Skills

In addition to finding chairs this past weekend, I also bought blinds for the bathroom. My boyfriend was snowmobiling the day I purchased them, so I thought it would be fun to hang them myself as a surprise for when he returned. Now, I don’t know what your definition of fun is, but I can tell you whatever it may be, my blind-hanging experience does not qualify. Long story short, I wound up splitting off about four inches of wood on the inside frame. Needless to say, the blinds were not hung. To make matters worse, when he went to hang them, we discovered the width of the blinds are just too short, leaving some gaps. So not only should I never operate a drill unsupervised, I apparently should not use a tape measure either.

We all have things that we’re good at and things we’re not.  Luckily for you, DDA has compiled all of the highly skilled, technical and creative people you need to make any marketing or advertising effort a success, and put us all into one building. They even made it easy to determine the experts you want, by dividing us into departments and even creating individual divisions.

So, if you need custom programming, call DDA Apps. If you need medical marketing, healthcare communications, or eLearning services, call DDA Medical, if interactive marketing, video games, and even augmented reality are your thing, turn to DDA Interactive. And the list goes on.

See? It’s super easy to find the animation, video production, search engine marketing (SEM), and website design and development services you need. Now, if only we can incorporate a blind-hanging division…