Most of the time I blog about what I know – my life as a mom / seo specialist, funny stories about my kids, search engine optimization etc. Today I thought that I would take a step into the unknown and write about webcasting services at DDA. Sure I heard this term and have read it throughout our websites, but it is not something that I handle on a daily basis.

Now what is webcasting exactly?

–noun Computers. the broadcasting of news, entertainment, etc., using the Internet specifically the World Wide Web.

As a website design company that could also be classified as a webcasting company in some instances, DDA provides webcasting services for clients including healthcare professionals. Medical and surgical webcasting is utilized by healthcare professionals who want to increase the level of communication and education with both fellow professionals as well as patients. These webcasting services are discussed in detail on our medical website, DDAMedical.com.

Our corporate and medical video website, DDAVideo.com, lists information regarding our webcasting video and online video production services. Our capabilities include streaming internet video and webcast production. If you are interested in video streaming, live video webcasts or creating a streaming video, contact DDA today!