Website and Videos

With the advent of YouTube and high speed Internet access, people have become used to watching videos online. This has taken website videos out of the realm of novelty and placed them firmly into a useful tool.

A website video could be used to sell your product, for example website spokespersons are becoming increasingly popular. For those of you unfamiliar with these, it’s usually an actor shot on a green screen and cut out so that they can walk over the top of your web page and present whatever sales pitch that company needs. Another good use for online videos are Training videos for remote learning. These can be used to show everything from how to freeze a prostate correctly in a complicated medical example all the way to showing a user how to set up his email correctly.

Videos are quickly becoming a necessity for your website and here at DDA with our fully equipped, on-site video studio, we are more than ready to help you take the next step into the world of online video