Website Buildout Takes Time

Lately I been doing a lot of building, website building that is. The project that comes to mind is a website redesign for an existing client of DDA. The design is approved and I am currently taking their existing content from their live site and putting it into the new design and layout.

Seems fairly straight forward, right? For the most part it is, but there have been slight bumps in the road that the team here at DDA has worked through without interruption to the project. As well as there are a number of items that need to be brought over to the new design so that we do not lose any of the optimization that has been built into their current site. So with each page I must be sure that the page titles, page descriptions, keywords, and alt text are put into the new page and that each page is name the same as the current pages. Should we change names of folders or pages that will disrupt the optimization that has already been established.

It is exciting to see the progress of a project from start to finish and watch it all come together.