Website Design: About Us

Yesterday, I talked about website design and the ever-present “Contact Us” page.

Today, I’m going to talk about that other classic page “About Us.” Again,  the true power and potential of this page is overlooked. All too often, it is just dropped into the website design process because everyone else has one. A quick paragraph is taken from the company brochure and thrown in there.

If somebody has clicked on your “About Us” page, then they are already demonstrating that they are interested in you, and it would be a good idea to impress them.

Here are my Top Tips:

  • Tell your company’s history
  • Express the passion your company has for its niche or industry
  • Let people see inside your company
  • Add your Mission Statement
  • Link to your blog from here
  • Link to your employment page
  • Keep it up to date

Advanced Tip:

  • Feed in news articles about your company
  • Include a graphical timeline