Website Design Philadelphia

Philadelphia, actually pronounced fil-la-del-fee-a was once a commercial, educational, and cultural center; the city was once the second-largest in the British Empire (after London), but after being taken over and run by Benjamin Franklin and his descendants, it has now slipped to 49th among the most populated cities in the world. You can also thank Philadelphia for the term “Grid Lock” as it was the first city in North America to use a grid system, which then spread through the colonies to all the new cities being constructed.

Some of Philadelphia’s greatest recent sporting achievements include:

  • In football, the Eagles losing to the Patriots in the Superbowl.
  • In basketball, the 76ers losing to Lakers in the NBA finals
  • Last but not least this year, the Flyers almost made it to the Stanley Cup finals.

Where Philadelphia does lead the pack is in the top ten murder cities in the US, currently “pipping” St. Louis for that converted number one spot.

Luckily, DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia, where fewer police are needed, meaning, lower taxes which results in DDA being able to offer outstanding website design services without those outrageous big city Philadelphia website design price tags.