Website Gardening

Website Maintenance — this very important aspect is often overlooked. A Website is very much like a garden. You start with nothing but bare soil; you spend time planning and then time and money landscaping and planting to create the finished garden, but then if you forget about it for the next six months all that hard work seems wasted with an overgrow jungle view from your window.

Much like a garden, if you launch your sparkling new website and then neglect it for the next six months you’re really wasting all that initial effort you just put in. You need to monitor your site using software like Webtrends or Google analytics and not just look at how many visitors came, but what type of visitors, and from where did they come and what did they do when they got there. You can use this information to prune and tweak your site to get the best out of it. This is a continuous cycle where you monitor and take action and track results, etc.

Using the Garden analogy again, when you first launch your website there are things in place that need time to bear fruit. For example, don’t expect your search engine results to change overnight; it takes time for your changes to be found and ranked by the search engines.