Website Improvement

My husband and I have been looking at houses in the neighborhood trying to find one that will fit our needs as a family of five. The other day we walked through a house and as hard as I tried to resist, I fell in love with it. So within a few days we were signing paperwork and ever since, we have not been able to sleep! We will find out if they accepted our offer tomorrow. Sure the house needs a little work here and there but it has everything I would want in a house all rolled up into one lovely home, right around the corner from where I am living now.

Website Improvement can be a little bit like home improvement sometimes. If you have a website that is like an outdated home, you will need to strip it down to the framing and start again, or in some cases do a complete redesign. On the other hand sometimes a little TLC here and there is all you need. Updated content and pictures can do the trick.

At DDA, we have website management, measurement and improvement under control. From website updates and maintenance, e-marketing, website usability and content development to website metrics and hosting, pay per click programs and website conversions, we know what it takes to improve your website.

So contact DDA today, we are ready to accept your project offer. (and hopefully the homeowner will accept ours!)