Website Maintenance and Inspection

Every six months, I take my jewelry to the jeweler to be inspected and cleaned to keep the warranty valid. It just so happens that most of my jewelry is due in February (thanks to St. Valentine) and August (my birthday). So yesterday I had two pair of diamond earrings, two necklaces and three rings taken care of, I’m spoiled I know!

Maintenance and inspection are important for more than just jewelry, although getting to look at the sparkling gemstones in the cases is a lot of fun for me and my daughter. People have their cars, homes, electronics and more looked at to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Well the same attention needs to be spent on websites.

Whether it’s a corporate or medical website design, it’s important to make sure that your website is properly maintained. Frequent updates in content are appreciated by search engines since they love expanding websites and pages of keyword-rich content. Inspecting that your meta tags and alt text are up to the search engine standards is also important. So let DDA design your website and make sure that everything is runs smoothly today!