Website Optimization

Well it’s that time of the month again… the final day of completing my website optimization for clients enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program, and thankfully I am all caught up. This morning was full of tying up loose ends, a few emails here and there, a phone call regarding a website traffic report and of course, cake and ice cream! The sweet treats were a nice change of pace for my morning, but now its back to website optimization. Each month I implement optimization elements in an effort to increase each website’s rankings in the search engines. And with so many clients enrolled in our website optimization program, its no wonder that we are an award winning search engine marketing company.

This afternoon, I will be diving back into optimizing a website DDA designed for a replacement window manufacturer as well as our own medical website.  With all of this work ahead of me I better get a move on, only a couple hours left before our three day weekend!