Website Optimization

As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at DDA, my job is focused on adding optimization techniques to websites to, in turn, increase their rankings in the search engines. A meta tag tweak here; a Google Maps submission there; each technique alone will not turn a website’s rankings around. Each site in our SureThing Optimization Program receives its own monthly optimization on an individual basis. What will work for one client will not always work for another. But in the end, it’s the combination of each monthly step that produces amazing results.

Website design varies from site to site in our website optimization program. While one might include flash integrated segments, another is strictly an HTML site. Some websites are designed by DDA with pre-launch optimization implemented, and others entered into the program are like a blank slate – no meta tags, alt text is non-existent and content is minimal. Over time, each issue is addressed and the rankings slowly climb in the search engines.