Webster Says What?

Sock puppet, frenemies, staycation, vlogs, webisodes, reggaeton, locavores, flash mob, shawarma…

Did you create a sock puppet to keep tabs on your frenemies? Instead of a vacation try a staycation to enjoy vlogs, webisodes and listen to some reggaeton. Signal a flash mob of locavores to get together and enjoy some shawarma.

The latest addition of the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary has close to an additional 100 words from the last publication. Many of 2009′s additions are a result of society’s acceptance of technology. These new words are not new by any means and have been around for decades in everyday conversation. It just wasn’t until now that they have gained enough traction to be considered for acknowledgment.

There are numerous words that sit in limbo while wordsmiths wait it out to ensure that any particular word is not just a fad, but a genuine addition to the English language.

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