Weekend Activities

This past long weekend was fun. Lots of swimming, fireworks, movies, and games were enjoyed throughout. On Sunday I played volleyball with a bunch of people and the ball they had was one of those old style ones where it feels like the shell is made of hard plastic. It didn’t bother me so much for a while, but then the ball kept stinging more and more when I’d bump it. When we finally stopped I saw that I had a large bulge right below my wrist where my arm had swollen. My forearms had taken a beating, but it wasn’t worth stopping during the heat of battle on the volleyball court. I iced them and the swelling went down. The next day my arms were just sore and the left one was black and blue. Now 4 days later, I’m about 95% recovered and am ready for more games. Luckily for me this coming weekend is Perkasie Day! My home town’s yearly celebration of games, spectacles, food, and fireworks. I have my sights set on the canoe races once again to try to claim another ribbon. The watermelon eating contest is always fun as well. The day always ends though with my favorite fireworks display ever. We are so close to the big booms and bright flashes that it can’t be beat.

Since it was a national holiday on Sunday we had Monday off, so now we are celebrating a shortened work week. A nice 3-day work week can ease us back into the grind after a long holiday weekend. We have a lot of projects going on for DDA itself in-house right now so everyone has a fallback of work to do anytime they are done with client work. We’ve got everything covered for our own projects. There’s advanced programming, custom web design, some objective-c programming for the Apple iPad/iPhone, copywriting, SEM, database programming, and more. Keep us busy with client work and give us a try for your next project.