We’re Here To Stay!

Now I’ve heard everything…maybe.

We are interviewing for a junior graphic designer, and have been bombarded by resumes by emails, some walk-ins, faxed resumes etc. One person we interviewed in person really stands out, not necessarily because of her talent, but the story she told about where she currently works.

Seems the small group she works with is a newly formed entity. Nothing wrong with that. I wish them luck. But their expectations of what an employee is responsible for is weird. First of all, she has to find her own clients, do the design work and split the profits with her new boss 60% to her, 40% to her boss. She is not given any help like money for gas and lunches while she is knocking on doors.

And even more weird, in the office she has to bring all her own supplies. Not the desktop computer or software, but a lamp, pencils, paper, folders etc. And also contribute something for coffee and tea. I’ve never heard of such an arrangement, but this young lady took the job because it meant working in her field. Frankly, I told her she would be better off freelancing. I hope she listened.

No doubt the economy is making everyone act up. Some New York delis are now charging you if you want your morning bagel sliced. And the airlines and banks are all searching for ways to dip into consumers pocketbooks. Even EZ Pass has raised its rates.

At DDA, we continue to walk the straight and narrow and work hard to provide our clients with the best possible work for a fair price. There are instances when a project is not profitable but loyal clients give us continuing work and that makes up not only for the financial hit, but also confirms that clients recognize good vendors. That is important if you want to stay in business. And Dynamic Digital Advertising is here to stay!