What a Way to Start the Day

It is 2:00 and I am just starting my blog… this is so unusual for me! Yesterday I was home with my youngest son who was just ever so pleasant dealing with his ear infection… can you feel the sarcasm? So today I am catching up on everything that I needed to deal with yesterday. I finally caught up and can start today’s work, with only 2 hours left in my day as a search engine optimization specialist.

This morning was just fantastic for me. (Again with the sarcasm) I woke up to my fiance being very sick and I could tell it would be another day of him not being able to pull himself out of bed. I hope whatever he has, skips me and the kids! Then onto the constant arguing during breakfast between my two sons. This morning they were fighting because my older son was whistling while my younger son was trying to watch tv. And heaven forbid he can’t hear everything that is going on during his show! My daughter could not fall asleep by her bedtime last night so she was very tired this morning and got dressed later than normal which meant she ate her breakfast later so she didn’t have as much lounging around time before school. I have to make the kids eat in shifts because the boys do not let her eat a bowl of cereal without annoying her; which in turn annoys me.

After getting everyone set for their day, I carry out the lunches, blankets and backpacks and start the truck so it’s nice and toasty for them… um, can you say spoiled! As I was carrying the wobbly tower of lunches, my small salad dressing container balanced on the tippy top toppled to the floor and splattered everywhere. Did I mention is was french dressing as well? So with four minutes to go I had to wipe down the fridge and quickly clean up the orange mess that also made its way onto my jacket.

Luckily, after all of that drama as a mama, I get to start my workday as an SEO Specialist. I try my best to leave any frustration at home and start my day of work with a new slate. So as I was checking through emails, looking at traffic reports, and starting to optimize websites enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program, I let the stress go and was focused on the tasks at hand.

I exchanged good mornings with fellow co-workers including copywriters, graphic designers and project coordinators, drank my yummy cappucino and implemented optimization elements into a few websites. After finishing my blog, I think I will check out my bets on the social media website, www.youbetmylife.com. I have a few wagers that were closing this weekend, I hope I won!