What a Wreck

I’m pretty famous for getting stains on myself and ruining my clothes. This happens in a variety of situations, but the biggest contributor to my messiness is cooking dinner. And as we like olive oil in my house, and I mean like as in we’re in love with it, and since I don’t change out of my work clothes before cooking (come on, it’s already past 7 p.m. by the time I reach home), it usually translates to a lot of ruined clothes. Yesterday on my way home, I had an epiphany — I need an apron. Imagine that. Five years of regular nightly cooking and suddenly this revolutionary concept produces itself.

Let this be a lesson to all companies and businesses out there who have a continuing problem…don’t let it continue on indefinitely. You could do irrevocable harm. Trust me.

Luckily at DDA, we have a full range of traditional and interactive marketing services to meet all needs. Maybe the problem is you’re not getting enough traffic; well we have advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques and website design and development services. Or perhaps you need a better way to grab attention? Custom video production and 2D and 3D animations are great for that. As the years go by, we continue to add to our already long list of capabilities to offer more and more innovative solutions, like virtual medical simulations for eLearning or Flash conversion and development services for the iPod and iPad, through our division AppleSavvy.

It may have taken me a long time and a lot of wrecked clothes before I realized there’s a better way, but you don’t need to go through the same pain. Contact DDA today to find out how we can make your problem go away.