What change looks like.

Seems to be a lot of discussion this last year about change. How desirable, important and attainable it is is dependent on who you ask, what you ask and when you ask.

What we can all agree on is how inevitable and potentially valuable it is. The exact same change always works for some and against others. Some progress and grow and prosper and others regress, lose ground and slowly wither. The difference of how and who it impacts is determined by how well they, or that organization or company has remained relevant.

I would argue that what is critical is understanding, embracing and leading change. DDA has a long history of change through innovation. Of change to improve things, change to help people understand, learn and accept concepts, messages and information.

Advertising has undergone continual decades of change and evolution. From billboards to websites, from elearning platforms to database driven applications like CRMs, from newspapers to mobile, from TV to broadband there has always been, is now and will always be change. The one thing that has not changed is that advertising is the most effective way to get people to accept change, embrace change and adopt change.

Bring it on!