What has your Website Done for you Lately?

What is the most important part of your website?

Is it the blog? The streaming video? The fun flash game?

It should, of course, be none of these. The most important part of a website is not actually any part of the website at all. It should be the website’s Goal.

That’s to say, it’s purpose; it’s whole point of existence. Hopefully by now in mid 2009, most companies don’t just have a website up to say, “Hey, look we have a website too. It’s got our email addresses on it and you can see thumbnails of all our employees next to each one.”

Whether the Goal is to sell T-shirts or to book hair appointments, a site should always be designed with that firmly in the forefront of any discussion. For example, you may use your SEO (search engine optimization) skill and optimize the bejesus out of your site, and indeed your traffic may increase, but if you don’t sell any T-shirts then the site has failed. Conversely, you could have the best converting pages on the planet but with no traffic you still get no sales.

Website Design is more than just one thing. It’s about balance and judgment. So keep that Goal in mind and try not to get sidetracked by the latest craze.