What Is On Your Agenda?

DDA used to regularly have clients, potential and exiting, coming into our office. More recently the majority of our meetings are held via conference calls and video conferences. However that doesn’t mean that anything is handled any differently. Every meeting still requires preparation, a set agenda, and a goal.

Creating an effective agenda is one of the most vital elements of a constructive meeting.

The Agenda

  • Communicates key information such as:
    1. Topics for discussion
    2. Leader for each topic
    3. Time allotment for each topic (optional)
    • Provides an outline for the meeting (how long to spend on which topics)
    • Can be used as a checklist to make certain that all information is addressed
    • Lets participants know what will be discussed. If it’s distributed before the meeting this gives them a chance to come to the meeting prepared for the upcoming discussions or decisions.
    • Provides a focus for the meeting (the objective of the meeting must be clearly stated in the agenda)

    Every time we are planning a meeting we take these things in to consideration. Being properly prepared can make your meeting flow much smoother and be much more successful than if you are flying blind. So regardless of if we are discussing print, design, web, video, or animation, we are prepared.

    PS – It is said that the best meeting times are 9:00 a.m. and 3:00p.m., before folks are wrapped up in daily work or after they’ve shaken off the grogginess from lunch.