What is SEM?

I have been reading up on one of my newest roles at DDA! I have been spending some of my free time at home reading about the different approaches of search engine marketing, so that I can gain a better understanding.

This is where I came across the two different definitions of search engine marketing. When I read that SEM was search engine optimization and Pay Per Click placement I was boggled. Here at DDA we practice the second definition of what SEM is, the practice of buying pay per click positions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of marketing via the Internet to build a website presence in search results. Some feel that SEM includes methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click placement. Others believe that search engine marketing is only the practice of buying Pay Per Click positions.

Dyanmic Digital Advertising has a team that focuses strictly on the search engine optimization and achieving organic search results. We also have a team that focuses on the paid results for the clients who are interested in pursuing that avenue. I am a part of DDA’s SEM team. On a daily basis I monitor our clients PPC campaigns.

How Search Engine Marketing Works…

An advertisier will bid on the keywords that they are interested in within their target market. Should a searcher use any of their key terms, their ad may be displayed in the sponsored ad section of the site. The advertiser only pays when a searcher clicks on their paid ad to visit their site.

That doesn’t seem to complicated, right?

There is much more to managing a paid search campaign, but for today this will have to do!!