What’s in a domain name?

Along with my daily website search engine optimization, I am usually asked to register a domain name or two.
There are a few things to think about when choosing the domain name for your website:

From an optimization standpoint, you would want to try to include keywords that pertain to your website.

Try not to make the domain name full of too many keywords, this can become lengthy and hard for Internet surfers to remember.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a hyphenated domain.

  • One advantage is it’s easier for search engines to distinguish. Also if your desired domain name is not available non-hyphenated, there is the hyphenated option.
  • A disadvantage is that people may forget to include the hyphens and cannot access your website. Sometimes it can just be a pain to type!

Sometimes if your requested .com domain name is not available other domains are suggested, such as .net, .org etc. With .org usually being associated for non-profit companies, .net is the next best option. When choosing an extension other than .com it is important to always advertise your website with the .net or .org extensions, otherwise people may assume it’s a .com site and end up at the wrong website.

Whatever you choose for your domain name be it a .com or .net, hyphenated or not, it is best to stick with that domain instead of continuing to change it. Age of domain is considered in Google’s algorithms when analyzing a website.