What’s the Point of your Website?

This is a continuation of my post about “Find your Audience” which talks about defining your audience before developing your website.

So now that we have thought about who we are trying to reach, why are you trying to reach them? It could be as simple as you want to sell them a box of matches. It may help to create a website mission statement outlining the objectives, like “The purpose of the website is to reduce telephone calls to help desk.” No matter how simple or obvious it seems, actually writing down the website’s purpose allows you to then define Goals for your website and develop a features and functions list.

This is a list of functions. It does not need to be too specific at this stage.

  • Specific features and functions
    • Apply for grants online
    • Sign up for email alerts of contract opportunities
    • Purchase products
  • Specific content or content areas
    • Reports of research
    • Articles on health for the general public
    • Lists of funding opportunities
    • Links to other related sites
    • Reports of meetings
    • Press releases

You just need to keep in mind  the Goals and Purpose of your website and then what tools you need to achieve those objectives. Here at DDA, we have more than 15 years of experience creating website architectures for almost any industry you can think of. A website menu structure is the key element to any good site and is often overlooked by most people just wanting a pretty flash intro or a blog because it’s cool, without any thought going into usability or the effect of your search engine ranking.