What’s the Rush?

Lately I have been trying to enjoy each moment of each day and not rush through everything; this can be tough with my hectic schedule but like I said, I am trying. The other day I was in the post office and there was a long line (of course) with only two employees at the registers. With each customer asking a question at the front desk, I noticed a sigh from a fellow line-waiter, followed by a shift in their stance, jerk of their head and a turn to the person behind them saying, “This is just ridiculous.” I stood there, packages in hand, with a smile on my face, happy that I was able to get my packages out of my living room and on their way to their destination.

I see it everyday, people rushing to make it through the traffic lights, people aggravated with long lines in the supermarket and people frustrated while holding for the next available representative to pick up their phone call. I am trying not to sweat the small stuff and take the time to enjoy the present. Looking at my kids growing up so quickly, sometimes I wish that I could freeze time and have them stay little forever. (Then reality sets in…)

At DDA, a website design company near Philadelphia, there are times when we get a request for a rush job. When we decide to tackle the project, our design turns out like we had all the time in the world to work our magic. The graphic designers here are able to work well under pressure and can design amazing sell sheets, brochures and logos that have tight deadlines with ease.

There are times too that I feel a sense of being rushed, especially when the end of the month rolls around. When I work on the website optimization of the clients enrolled in the SureThing Optimization Program, I do my best to schedule each day’s optimization with the end of the month deadline in mind. There are sometimes that I am asked to do a little proofreading or software management that can take up my search engine optimization time, but somehow in the end my work is always completed on time.