Where Did The Day Go?!

My apologizes! Seems that the day has escaped me and my blog is now going on being 7 hours late. Today has been quite hectic as we have 3 members of our team working remote today and I am trying to handle my work load plus keep an eye on their projects, which is proving to keep me on my toes.

If you step back and observe, it is quite interesting how different people manage their tasks. I tend to keep lists, post-its,  and alarms to trigger my memory. Every project has a folder, which are alphabetized. My email has so many rules and folders that it is borderline obsessive-compulsive. But if I just had everything floating around in my inbox I would have a nervous breakdown. While I still feel like everything is a mish-mosh it works and I will be forever finding new ways to organize that work better for me.

There may be some who just let their inbox run over with messages from everyone with no obvious organization. There may be some that have stacks of papers and folders everywhere with no obvious organization. But if you ever stop and ask that person you will find that their environment is set up in such a way that works for them. It is their space so it should be ideal for them and only them.

Here at DDA we are a bright bunch of people. So, while everyone has their space everyone else can manage if someone is unexpectedly out for any given reason. Whether they be involved in a video project, design exercise, or content creation project will continue to progress.