Why Pay for Traffic when Google Gives it to You for Free?

Here are the top 20 terms that people used to find our website yesterday:

dynamic digital advertising
graphic design trends
surething optimization
testimonial videos
billboard design
magazine layout
medical videos
billboard design
advertising brochure
billboard designs
digital advertising
digtial advertising company
graphic design billboard
illustration firm pa
medical video production
production company Philadelphia
video production companies
web design companies in Philadelphia
website advertising
website spokesperson

Now that is just 20 out of the hundreds of highly-focused, relevant keyword phrases people used to find our site for just for one day and all of it was organic. With the cost of Pay Per Click spiraling out of control faster than a barrel of oil, the value of search engine optimization becomes glaringly apparent. On a lot of the PPC campaigns we manage, the average cost per click is over $5.

If your site gets a conservative 300 visits from keywords a day, that is $1,500 a day, or $547,500. Yes, half million dollars a year.

For a fraction of that cost, you can have a really well-developed, search-engine-friendly site, and get free traffic over and over. And remember that the 1/2 million dollars you’ll spend to achieve the same results with Adwords, is dependent on the average cost per click (CPC) not rising, staying at $5, so good luck with that one. That 1/2 mill will more likely push to 3/4 of mil by the end of the year.