Win Win

Elizabeth and I had family in from Minnesota last week and we got to enjoy a variety of different activities. Perhaps the most fun was a short, one-night visit to Atlantic City, NJ where we came away big winners.

While winning big in Atlantic City is not common, it is also generally not newsworthy, or even blogworthy. What makes this story compelling, at least to me is the fact that neither I nor Elizabeth gamble. And NO we were not winners just because we got to eat a lot of great food or because we enjoyed a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk.

We were big winners because we had clients showing at the New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA) Trade Show. Yes, they are good clients, a twelve-location dental practice, and yes, having clients at a trade show utilizing a trade show booth and trade show exhibits, large format graphics, trade show graphic designs, sell sheets, brochures and other promotional items designed and produced by us is not unusual, it is rare that we get to attend the show and see the sales materials in action.

DDA wins big with every trade show event we design and produce because when our clients win, we win.