Withstanding the Test of Time

On Sunday, I played a game with my nieces. They are 3 and 5 (nearing 4 and 6) so they are at an age where we can start to do a lot of fun things, like play games. The best part about it was this is a game I played as a kid so I was very familiar with it. Isn’t it funny how some things just stay the same? Sure there are a lot of changes in this world, but at the end of the day, there are many, many things that have withstood the test of time.

In my opinion, the companies, brands, and products that have lasted through the years are the ones that have evolved with changing technologies and trends. OK, so maybe there are exceptions like bubbles or the YoYo, but even these have gotten face lifts. Look at the detergent Tide. It was first introduced in 1946 and is now as strong as ever. At its core, it’s the same old stain-fighting detergent, but in presentation it’s not. There are now many variations of  it, including one for front-loading washers and compacted detergent balls for very tough stains.

I can also apply this same philosophy to music. What do David Bowie, Madonna, Beck, and even Michael Jackson have in common? Trust me it’s not the start of a bad joke. They are undefined artists. Generally they stick with the same genre but with each album they’ve taken on a new kind of sound and look, changing it up so that their fans stayed interested and they appeal to a few new devotees at each turn.

Embracing change is the mark of a good musician and a good company. At DDA, we’re nothing without change. Innovating and inventing new technologies is part of what we do on a daily basis. We stay ahead of the curve on all of the capabilities we offer, including video production, website design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), animation, eLearning platforms, and custom programming. From interactive to traditional marketing and advertising, brochure design to virtual medical simulations, we are 100% custom, always unique, and always looking to push the limit.

We may not be as old as Tide, but here we are entering into our third decade, much stronger than ever before. Thanks to new divisions like medical marketing and AppleSavvy, which offers Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development, we’re making a smooth transition into the next generation of web browsing, and withstanding the test of time.