Work, Work, Work then Blog

Today was another one of those days where I needed to start working right away, and it threw off my normal morning routine. Hence, my blog was not published by 9:30 and I am scrambling to finish it now by 3:30. I  updated the domain pages that I created for clients in the SureThing Optimization Program, submitted a window manufacturing website to countless directories, checked on the new traffic reports for websites that we host and also had to proofread the new business cards for DDA divisions.

The three divisions that I proofed today were, and Each business card design complements the large printed graphics displayed around the office for our seven divisions. The two sided design turned out quite nicely and is very pleasing to the eye while displaying the necessary contact information.

This needs to be a quick blog since there was some new pieces of software just returned to my desk that needs to be logged in. Gotta go!