World Wide Words – Build Your Vocabulary

There are plenty of ways to build your vocabulary.

  1. Read, read, read!
    The more reading that you do, the faster you will build your vocabulary.
    So,why not start with reading through the DDA’s websites. Whether it be DDA Corp, DDA Medical, DDA Video, DDA Apps, DDA CMT, DDA SEM, DDA USA, or DDA Interactive you are sure to pick up on words that will expand your vocabulary in regards to Internet and digital advertising.
  2. Repeat words.
    Say a word several times a day for many days will help you remember it.
    dynamic, dynamic, dynamic…
    digital, digital, digital…
    advertising, advertising, advertising…
  3. Look at words with the mind  of a child.
    Children under 10 years tend to be extremely open-minded.
    So, when you hear words like Onlivemation, SureThing, SmartSite do not hesitate to ask questions and learn what they mean. They are words that should be part of your vocabulary as well as services offered by DDA that will help grow your business.

Regardless of how you do it – expur 700+anding your vocabulary can never be a bad thing. Want to learn more about words that fill the DDA office on a daily basis? Visit the DDA Glossary and see how many of our terms you can learn.